Traxxis founders

Traxxis founders

Traxxis was founded in the summer of 2006 by;

  • Sander ‘CyCo’ De Baets
  • Stefan ‘fjo’ Verhofsté
  • Jochen ‘jochus’ Hebbrecht

Core members doubled in 2011 with;

  • Kenny Verbinnen
  • Ward ‘awosy’ Maenhout
  • Dennis De Block

Most of the management nowadays is done by Sander, Ward, Stefan, and in a lesser extent Bjorn, Cédric and Peter. Other members help where they can!

Active drivers

name residence date of birth remark
Sander ‘CyCo’ De Baets Aalter, Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium 30/09/1985 external link
Stefan ‘fjo’ Verhofsté Desteldonk, Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium 09/01/1986
Jochen ‘jochus’ Hebbrecht Aalter, Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium 18/03/1985
Kenny Verbinnen Mechelen, Antwerpen Belgium 28/12/1987
Ward ‘awosy’ Maenhout Vlierzele, Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium 11/03/1986
Dennis De Block Lokeren, Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium 01/06/1990
Matthias Maas Kortrijk, West-Vlaanderen Belgium 17/07/1990
Bjorn Vermeulen Belsele, Antwerpen Belgium 20/09/1990
Yoeri Van der Gucht Sint-Niklaas, Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium 16/07/1992
Nicolas Leroy De Pinte, Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium 31/03/1994
Cédric Wauters Wachtebeke, Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium 16/12/1994 external link
Christophe ‘bulldog’ Verhoeven Westmalle, Antwerpen Belgium 29/04/1995
Jerry Wolles Antwerpen, Antwerpen Belgium 03/02/1969
Dieter Nielandt Temse, Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium 31/07/1990
Nick ‘Ozzi’ Van Ostade Turnhout, Antwerpen Belgium 08/12/1989
Peter Neefs Gierle, Antwerpen Belgium 29/06/1987
Eric Wolles Antwerpen, Antwerpen Belgium 40+

Honorable mentions

Regular appearances

Name Nationality date of birth
Tim Van den Acker Belgium 23/06/1987
Tim Wuyts Belgium 40+
Mats de Jong Belgium 15/08/1991

Notable drivers who raced with us in the past

Name Nationality Remarks
Levi Wouters Belgium had surgery and is working on a comeback
Kevin Lemmens Belgium founded sister-team NRS

Also thanks to the following drivers for filling empty spots when needed!
Mathias Grooten, Robin Borremans, Detlef Pahl, Gregory Laporte, Annelien Boutens, Esmée De Vilder, Christophe Cornette, Xavier Verhoeven, Marc Viskens, Nikki Swannet, Loïc Tielen, Thierry Bluys, Daniel Demeny, Rino Gulisano, Frederik Rambout, Jeroen Vatlet, Philippe Kerssebeeck, Kevin Van der Eycken, Peter Van Hooydonk, Tazio De Laet, Thomas Zels, Guillaume Vandenbroucke, Thomas Dejaegere, and all the rest we forget.

Helping hands

Name Nationality Function Remarks
Luc Hebbrecht Belgium Traxxis’ own photographer father of Jochen
Xavier Verhoeven Belgium marshal when needed, also for B-Kart father of Christophe
Hugo Vermeulen Belgium occasional team-manager, strategies, supporter, ‘go-to guy’ father of Bjorn
Marc Wauters & Hilde De Rycke Belgium die hard supporters parents of Cédric
Annick Pemen Belgium die hard supporter, ‘go-to guy woman’ mother of Christophe

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