Traxxis with 13 drivers at PIKC 2016!

By | 11/05/2016
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Just like last year Traxxis was present in Sczeczin (Poland) for the Polish Indoor Karting Championship (PIKC).

This time we brought more drivers:

  • Ward Maenhout
  • Peter Neefs
  • Nick Van Ostade
  • Stefan Verhofsté
  • Sander De Baets
  • Kenny Verbinnen
  • Christophe Verhoeven
  • Bjorn Vermeulen
  • Matthias Maas
  • Yoeri Van Der Gucht
  • Dennis De Block
  • Detlef Pahl
  • Jerry Wolles
Teamphoto with Peter's girlfriend Melissa, Thomas Zels, Thom van Dijk and a random polish pitgirl

Teamphoto with Peter’s girlfriend Melissa, Thomas Zels, Thom van Dijk and a random polish pitgirl

You can read full reports from some drivers on (in Dutch).

All our drivers had a great time in Poland, we had some great races and some pleasant evenings as well.

Silver Hotel changed the track layout a few months before the PIKC, giving it more passing areas but making it a slightly easier track. As a driver it was difficult to make a difference, because the karts were limited on top speed. So having a good group to race in, and a good kart would give you a good result. Of course you still needed to drive at your best and not make any mistakes.

A couple of our drivers did make some mistakes during the pitstop procedure by not hitting the button correctly. This was a well known mistake by a lot of drivers during this championship.

Christophe, Stefan and Bjorn made it into the semi-finals. Sander missed out by only 0.5 points! He finished 37th, while only the top 36 advance. If we had a bad luck trophy however, we would give it to Peter, having somewhat slower karts in tough races. Detlef and Jerry participated for their first time and had a blast! They were happy with their results, and learned a lot during the races. Dennis, who broke a finger last month and only just got his hand out of the cast (plaster) drove safely, but still trying to make his races count, even with some slower karts. Yoeri and Matthias missed out on the semi finals because they don’t drive that often anymore.

In the end only Bjorn made it in to the final race (top 10). During qualifying he made a mistake, and qualified 10th, but had a great race and finished 4th!

Overview final positions of Traxxis drivers:

  • P5. Bjorn Vermeulen
  • P19. Stefan Verhofsté
  • P29. Christophe Verhoeven
  • P38. Sander De Baets
  • P43. Kenny Verbinnen
  • P46. Yoeri Van Der Gucht
  • P50. Peter Neefs
  • P51. Matthias Maas
  • P52. Detlef Pahl
  • P56. Dennis De Block
  • P61. Nick Van Ostade
  • P67. Ward Maenhout
  • P80. Jerry Wolles

Final PIKC 2016 Classification of all drivers: PIKC 2016 – final classification

Final Podium - PIKC 2016

Final Podium – PIKC 2016

Next year we will be present again, and hopefully with more of our drivers in the semi’s and finals!

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