NRS as ‘sister team’

By | 01/11/2012

NRS Racing Team

NRS Racing Team

Today we can announce that valued Traxxis member Kevin Lemmens decided to start his own racing team, called NRS Racing Team or ‘NRS Motorsports’ (visit site).

We chose not to expand Traxxis at this point because of the different views and models when it comes to running a team.
We wish Kevin success with his team, and we’re sure we’ll be seeing eachother very soon in different endurance races coming up πŸ™‚

This does however not mean that Kevin leaves Traxxis altogether. He will remain a frequent ‘guest driver’, and will still participate in races under the Traxxis banner when we can use him. Races where both Traxxis and NRS are on the grid, he’ll be most likely driving for NRS.

Traxxis and NRS take part in a long term collaboration where we can ‘borrow’ eachother’s drivers when deemed necessary.

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